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Monday, December 22, 2003
Florida Mother Files Suit in Infant's Death
A Florida woman whose three-month-old baby received a fatal dose of Benadryl at the hands of a babysitter is suing the babysitter, the maker of the antihistamine, the maker of a generic equivalent, and the drugstore that sold the product. She's also suing the county health department, the county itself, the state child services department and another company that was purchased by the drug maker. The mother, who is a nurse, says day-care workers across the country are sedating children with Benadryl and similar medications. The babysitter was convicted of pouring Benadryl into a bottle of breastmilk the mother had left for her infant. Though the mother had engaged the babysitter to care for her older children for many years, she claims in her suit that the state is negligent for permitting the woman to run an unlicensed daycare center. And though the medication is labelled not for children under the age of six, the mother claims the warnings weren't explicit enough.
Warning: Don't give your baby to a stranger. Is that explicit enough for you?

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