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Friday, March 05, 2004

Homeschooling in the News

British Welfare Workers Worry Homeschool Hides Abuse
England's child welfare workers are asking the government for permission to check up on homeschooling families. Some parents claim they are educating their children at home to hide the fact they are abusing them, welfare officers say. As evidence, one education authority cites an incident where a convicted sex offender was sitting at the back of a magistrates court as truancy cases were dealt with, saying to parents as they left: "You don't have to send your kids to school, you can get away from the LEA, just tell them you are educating them at home."
So if a pedophile harrasses parents, the best solution is for government to harrass them more? Alrighty then.

Research Worth Reading

Scientists Discover Safer Prenatal Tests
American scientists have discovered a safer way to test for fetal abnormalities: Rather than performing invasive and dangerous amniocentesis, it may soon be possible to detect prenatal problems by simply treating the mother's blood sample with formaldehyde. The researchers found that blood samples from pregnant women treated with formaldehyde contained an average of 20.2 percent fetal DNA, compared with just 7.7 percent in untreated samples. Follow-up tests averaged 25 percent.
"OK, kids, today we're going to isolate the baby's DNA. Tommy! Put down the formaldehyde."

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